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At a certain video-rental store sometime in the 1980s...

"Ugh, another dead night shift. I guess nobody rents movies at Mockbuster anymore. I wonder how they’re even staying in business. Oh well, maybe I can find another movie to watch."

"Wait, where did this come from? Blood and Fur? I don’t usually like horror movies, but let’s try it out."

"Wow, this movie is actually pretty realistic. It’s almost as if the monsters are...coming out...of the screen…!"

Made in a week for Brackey's Jam, Aug. 2020.


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NightOfTheLivingTAPES-Windows.zip 42 MB
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NightOfTheLivingTAPES-MacOS.app.zip 43 MB
NightOfTheLivingTapes_WEBGL.zip 26 MB


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Gave it a go...

I really liked the music in this game! 
Also check out my channel SilverChiara!
Hope to see more from you! Game starts at 09:12
Hope you like my gameplay! Hope to see more 
games from you!


Definitely has potential..

This game was wayyyy too short bro, but I enjoyed what was there. It took me less than 2 minutes to start and finish it, and the enemies were a bit bugged out.. I was hit twice and was not fazed by it and I died once when the enemy was nowhere near me. Criticism aside, the concept is great. With this concept, future updates can be amazing with a larger map and more enemies from other movie genres. I understand the short gameplay as it was made in just a week, again I enjoyed what there was! A 3/5 from me (first game in the video)

Despite being super duper short I had fun with this! The idea is solid, so it'd be cool to see more done with it in the future. My gameplay starts at 3:34!

hi, big thx for the nice game. greetings from rosti 😁

I’d love to see this idea expanded into a bigger project! The experience was over before before I knew what I was doing, but after a couple of plays, I realized how cool this would be if a bigger game expanded on your idea. I hope you explore this concept further.


good idea